Metablogging: A blog is born.

July 17, 2015

It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to put the stuff I write somewhere. It started out as notes on my phone, then google docs, and one day I thought “Hey, this is blogging but without the blog” so I went on the line to get up to speed on some of the blogging platforms/tools used today (last time I had a website was on Geocities) and finally built one. A good way to kick it off is to write about the process, in case someone feels curious.

I ended up choosing Jekyll as a platform, which seemed like the most simple and complete feature-wise for my purposes. The theme used is called Long Haul from Brian Maier Jr. with some style/code modifications, it includes Google Analytics code and some other pretty cool stuff. My main source of inspiration aesthetically was NSHipster, I just loved that buttery feel and simplicity the colors and fonts had.

The Jekyll platform runs on an S3 instance under a custom domain name registered with DNSimple. The setup was dead simple, setup a bucket, create a user to generate access/secret key pairs and create a group with admin and full S3 privileges. For DNSimple there was a little gotcha, since I chose a region different than default for the S3 bucket (I’m from Uruguay, so Sao Pablo was the closest to me) I had to modify the ALIAS record in DNSimple to accommodate for the different region (sa-east-1, default is us-east-1)

Deployment is done using a Ruby gem called s3_website, which supports Jekyll out-of-the-box (yes, I’m THAT lazy).

You can find the whole source for the site on Github, as well as the articles, in case anyone wants to make corrections/suggestions.

The whole setup took about 3-4 hours (considering third-world internet that's great time) and went along quite smoothly.

So, let the blogging begin!